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Ice Cream has gone Green

Don't worry, we haven't literally turned our ice cream green!  

Tonibell have always been an innovative and progressive company. We are now committed to doing the best for our environment and believe we lead the way in our industry with a responsible approach to the environment.

Our committed employees share our passion for protecting the environment for future generations and you'll find our team open to new ideas. We are happy to discuss how to work with you to ensure your event is green and fun!

THE ECO-TUB - All our ice cream tubs and sundaes will now be sold in this pioneering new design. The Eco-Tub is the world's fastest decomposing ice cream tub and if you peel off the compostable wrapper, you can even EAT the tub too!

COMPOSTABLE SPOONS - All of our spoons are now fully degradable and compostable.

RESPONSIBLE WASTE MANAGEMENT - By our use of sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable resources, our vans work hard to leave a minimal footprint at your event.

ELECTRIC POWERED VANS - Gone are the days of a noisy diesel ice cream van in the corner of a field, we don't create pollution because our vans can simply plug into your mains electrical supply. This protects the environment, enables us to run silently and creates a far more pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

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If you are considering hiring Tonibell, the Ice-Cream specialists since 1960, then please get in touch here and we'd be delighted to have a chat about your requirements.

We are very friendly people and passionate about what we do. We are more than happy to give you a personalised quotation, no pressure and certainly no obligation.

Remember that our prices are fixed with no hidden costs or extras!

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